10 Reasons Muay Thai Is The Best Martial Art

Muay Thai is widely recognised as one of the most effective forms of striking in the Martial Arts world. For this reason, Muay Thai underpins the extremely popular and rapidly-growing sport known as mixed martial arts (MMA).

But why is Muay Thai the best martial art, and why is it the base for MMA? Here are the 10 reasons:

1) It’s widely acknowledged to be the world’s best striking martial art

There is no debate. Muay Thai is the most efficient striking art. Period. Its long and distinguished history backs its claim to the title. After all, Muay Thai has evolved to be as efficient, powerful, and fast as possible.

Muay Thai’s credentials have been well proven in both competition and real-life scenarios for centuries. Besides, every aspect of Muay Thai has been fine-tuned by combat involving highly-skilled practitioners. So if you want to learn a martial art with practical application in the real world, Muay Thai is your answer.

2) It’s versatile for all types of standup fighting

During a Muay Thai class, you will practice a range of kicks, punches, and elbow and knee strikes.

Muay Thai is unlike any other combat sport or martial art. It encompasses using your knees, elbows, hands, and shins. This flexibility enables you to deploy all the parts of your body that can be used as a weapon. This versatility to strike opponents within kicking and punching range and in clinches makes Muay Thai the king of all standup fighting styles. Of all the strike-based martial arts, Muay Thai is the most diverse.

3) Muay Thai’s easy and simple to learn

Muay Thai fighters practice using pads. The more sweat you produce at the gym, the better shape you will be in for fight night.

Despite being reputed for its unvarnished simplicity, Muay Thai does involve many hundreds of varied techniques. That is why Muay Thai can be a sport for everyone, men, women, and children.In Thailand, kids as young as five or six will take up Muay Thai. But you can start at any age or fitness level.

4) Muay Thai is an effective form of self-defense

Learning Muay Thai is a sure way to feel safe on the streets.

The ancient art is one of the very few in the world that has been tested in battle and on the streets in life-threatening situations.Best known as a strike-based martial art, Muay Thai also combines throwing techniques, various locks, the use of an opponent’s momentum, as well as submissions. Like other martial arts that condition the mind, body, and spirit, Muay Thai provides practitioners with the confidence required to deal with self-defense in real-life situations.

5) It’s an aerobic and anaerobic workout in one

If you want to push yourself and your limits, a Muay Thai gym is the place to go.

Even for recreational purposes, a Muay Thai class will get your fitness and toughness to ring-ready levels. Combining running, rope jumping, and shadow-boxing, Muay Thai is an aerobic workout that preps you for even more intense workout sessions.

Muay Thai also builds anaerobic stamina and endurance through punching and kicking pads or bags and clinching to get your body functioning at its limits.

Taken together, Muay Thai is not only a great martial art to learn, but it is also a highly efficient exercise form. Thanks to ongoing Muay Thai training, you will quickly see your strength, coordination, and cardiovascular performance increase.

6) Want to burn 1,000 calories an hour?

Yes, a Muay Thai training session will enable you to burn through 1,000 calories in an hour!

This fat-busting excellence makes Muay Tahi the perfect workout. You are burning fat efficiently, losing weight, and building your core, overall strength, and flexibility. The total body workout obtained from Muay Thai enables you to take your health to new levels.

7) Toughen your spirit, mind, and body

Muay Thai is much more than striking your opponent; it’s a way to toughen up your spirit, mind, and body as well. It is as much about strengthening your mental capacity as your physical capacity. Muay Thai is food for your confidence and inner strength. You get mentally conditioned as Muay Thai fosters confidence and promotes emotional discipline.

8) Muay Thai is the foundation of MMA

Muay Thai is universally recognized as the world’s most efficient striking martial art. It should come as no surprise, then, that it forms the foundations of MMA (mixed martial arts). Indeed many of the greatest MMA champions use Muay Thai as their central striking platform. This is because Muay Thai’s vast array of striking techniques gives MMA fighters as many tools as possible in a fight.

9) Muay Thai helps you realise your full potential

Muay Thai’s impact is not just about landing blows. It helps you to reach your fullest potential in other areas of your life.

In common with other martial arts, Muay Thai cultivates core values in a person. This is a tradition steeped in time and can discipline a fighter, make them humble, and find inspiration. These values are arguably the most important by-products of any martial art.

In particular, Muay Thai instills in practitioners a host of desirable qualities, including courage, humility, and the spirit of a warrior. These are three highly transferable qualities that you can apply in everyday life to unleash your full potential.

10 ) Muay Thai is a skill sport

If you’ve seen a Muay Thai fighter, you’ve likely noticed that, more often than not, the winner is not necessarily the bigger guy. Nor it is the fighter that punches the hardest or moves the fastest. Muay Thai is a skill sport and requires impeccable timing, supreme accuracy and above all, high “fight IQ”.

Many fights go the distance and the winner is decided by whom scored better. And unlike boxing, scoring doesn’t just come down to punches landed and knockdowns. Scoring is based on form, striking effectiveness, defence, ring positioning and making advancements in the clinch.

To summarise

In summary, Muay Thai is beneficial for almost everyone. Like so many aspects of life, you get out what you put in. And this applies to Muay Thai, where it’s up to the individual to make training as enjoyable and soul-enriching as possible. Reap the benefits of Muay Thai by signing up for a taster training session today!